Relax at Homewood

Roaming through the vibrant Siem Reap immerses you in the local history. The temples at Angkor Wat, the street markets, the colourful shows, and the floating houses are a portal into the past. But, after a long day exploring these beauties, you need to unwind. That’s why Homewood Hotel offers you plenty of opportunities to recharge.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Relax with a coffee, tea, or cocktail after a long day exploring the temples at Angkor Wat.

The deep blue pool at Homewood Hotel has a gorgeous tranquil setting on the rooftop. Nestled by lush vegetation and seated on a plush, blue deck chair, you can admire the entire city.

Even if Homewood is a centre-town hotel, the rooftop pool is quiet and private, so your whole family can unwind. Opening hours are generous too, from 7 am until 9 pm.

Stunning Views

If Homewood Hotel’s pool looks inviting in pictures, imagine setting foot inside.
Breathe in the evening breeze and fill your eyes with the picturesque Siem Reap. You can swim at your heart’s desire, then sip a cocktail or freshly-squeezed juice, gazing over the reborn Khmer Empire.

Seuya Rooftop View

Relax by the pool

When you’re holidaying in a new, exotic location, your first impulse is to squeeze in as many activities as possible. But the secret to enjoying your holidays and absorbing more of the local history is taking enough time to rest.

Homewood Hotel’s rooftop pool allows you to disconnect from the vibrant yet hectic Siem Reap. The comfortable deck chairs, soothing colours, and lush vegetation around enable you to unwind completely.

A quick swim in our rooftop pool refreshes you immediately. But you can also sip a delicious cocktail, sunbathe, read a book or make plans with your friends.

By the Pool at Homewood Hotel

Rooftop Gallery

Unlike any other 4-star hotel, Homewood Hotel offers a prime outdoor swimming pool. With a fantastic setting, the pool has breathtaking views of the picturesque gallery of Siem Reap. The ancient town modelled by the Khmer Empire is now a bustling location, with scenic, quaint homes and bubbly outdoor markets intermingling with lush jungle-based vegetation.

What can be better than that?

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